Chef Naiké

Naiké Owens is the CEO & Pastry Chef of the black-owned, e-commerce dessert business, Melanin Sweets. The energetic self-taught millennial, began her baking journey on Valentine’s Day of 2017, just nine days prior to becoming a Domestic Violence Survivor. Naiké used baking as therapy after her traumatic life threatening experience, which evolved into her obsession, passion and purpose. 

Naiké is now known for her Famous “Grandma’s Banana Crack”, a homemade baked Banana Pudding recipe passed down from her late best friend & grandmother, Martha Gray. The ambitious entrepreneur continues to add her own twist on her family legacy by putting her own spin on childhood desserts that still provide that warm, family feeling.

If you know Naiké, you would also discover that she finds great pleasure in giving back to various community and women empowered organizations like Millennial Women’s Solution Network, Inc., Women in Distress, Inc., & Bruised But Not Destroyed Inc. Currently, she is working towards owning her very own successful bakery while still catering to dozens of residents, business owners and dessert lovers in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. 

To connect with Naiké Owens and to learn more about Melanin Sweets please visit and Instagram/Facebook at @MelaninSweets.