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Melanín Sweets


Oh so you bake, BAKE?

We restore and revive taste-buds. 

Whether it’s for an event or just your average sweet tooth, Melanin Sweets is the only place you’ll get our famous & highly addictive “Grandma’s Banana Pudding”.

Loaded with our homemade pudding and topped with baked vanilla wafers and the heavyweight fruit bananas, our Banana Crack is guaranteed to teleport your taste-buds to a warm, family childhood feeling. 


“I want to be remembered as a company that, not only provides desserts..

but is also active within our community”

We have an extreme passion for bettering our community.

As a domestic violence survivor, I strongly believe that if we want to make a positive impact in the world… we have to start at home first. That is why we are a company that is known to bake with the finest ingredients of love, passion and purpose.

We have hosted and/or sponsored many community events such as Melanin Sweets’ abuse awareness dessert party RIZE (Above The Statistics), Sistrunk’s 3rd annual MEGAPHONE and so much more.

Each year, Women in Distress’ honors members of the community that have made a significant contribution to improve the lives of survivors of domestic violence. On May 9th, 2019, we had the pleasure of being crowned their 13th annual honoree for our "Journey to Empowerment", receiving the first ever Marti Huzenga Endowment Advancement Scholarship and feeding over 500 community and business leaders. It was an honor to receive this achievement from the same women that played a significant role in the recovery that lead to me pursing Melanin Sweets.

Click on the picture above to read more & see our interview with Women in Distress.